Keeping promises, close to home.

Hay Mutual Insurance Company exists to preserve and strengthen all that is good in our community. For nearly 150 years, we’ve served Huron, Perth, Middlesex and Lambton counties with innovative insurance products, experienced staff and extensive knowledge of our local region.

We are a Canadian company, member-owned, and member-focused. As a mutual insurer, our policyowners are members, and our members share in our successes. When we have a profitable year, we strive to refund a portion of our commercial and property policyholders’ premium. We are an insurance company, not an investment corporation, and our goal is to provide insurance at cost.

Through charitable donations to local causes, we also share our success with the community. Our business is keeping promises, close to home.

There’s more to a mutual

There’s insurance and then there’s mutual insurance. Hay Mutual Insurance embraces the mutual way because we believe it’s better for our members — the policy owners who own our company. As a member-owned company, we are 100 percent Canadian and 100 percent locally owned. We are independently operated under the leadership of directors elected from among the members.

There are many additional benefits to mutual insurance:

  1. We invest locally, employ local people and use local trades.
  2. Through our own Guarantee Fund and Reinsurance Plan, we are backed by other Ontario Mutuals so that our members’ claims and unearned premiums are guaranteed to be paid in the event of a disaster.
  3. Collectively, our system is one of the largest property insurers in Ontario.
  4. Through our association, we are an active participant in the Canadian and international insurance industry.
  5. We stay on top of current issues and make representation to government and other regulatory bodies on matters that may affect our members.

As a small local insurer, we have remained stable for over a century. Together with the other Ontario Mutuals, Hay Mutual is among the most financially secure insurers in the world. And only Hay Mutual is consistently ranked as one of the top three mutual insurers for financial strength in Ontario. We will be there when you need us.

Pure Mutual Illustration

Here is a simplified illustration that demonstrates the principles of a purely mutual insurance company, such as Hay Mutual. We are an insurance company, not an investment corporation; our goal is to provide insurance at cost. As a pure mutual, we use your premium dollar for only three things:

  1. to pay claims
  2. to operate the company
  3. to make sure that we have enough surplus to protect you when we are needed

We are like a container. Premiums and investment income contribute to the surplus in the container that is used to pay claims and cover operating expenses. The goal is to provide for our members, while ensuring that our company remains financially stable. Changing the rate of flow of any of these four forces (investments, policyholders, expenses and claims), affects the water level. Notice how the cost of claims affects the amount of the premium needed.

We have a long history in your community

Although our roots are in the farming community, we’ve grown to become one of the strongest mutual insurers in the province, offering a wide variety of insurance products to care for our members in every aspect of their lives.


Members of the Evangelical Association and the Township of Hay met and decided to create a mutual fire insurance company to protect local farmers.


The Hay Township Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Company was established and the head office located in Zurich, Ontario.


The new company moved its office to Crediton.


Total in-force insurance reached $3 million. (At this time, there were 85 mutual insurers in Ontario.)


The Province of Ontario established the office of the Fire Marshal.


The average farm exposure increased from $1,000 in 1900 to $10,000 by the 1920s, and at the same time, farm mutuals in Ontario began to insure houses in towns.


Fire extinguishers were introduced.


Mutuals purchased war bonds and victory bonds during the Second World War.


The Hay Township Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Company office was moved back to Zurich, and the company began insuring against damage due to windstorms as well as fire.


The company started to reinsure risks with the Farm Mutual Reinsurance Inc. (now known as Farm Mutual Re.). During this decade, The Hay Township Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Company introduced machinery and livestock coverage for farms and theft coverage to household contents insurance.


The Hay Township Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Company celebrated 100 years and built a new office in Zurich. At this time the company added auto insurance to its product shelf.


As times changed, Hay Mutual introduced Farmers’ Limited Pollution Liability coverage, commercial insurance as well as a 20 percent discount on property insurance.


We changed our name to Hay Mutual Insurance Company and launched the Mutual Protect Theft Reduction Program in co-operation with the OPP.


We refunded $2.6 million in premiums to our members. We also hired an in-house claims adjuster and built a new office.


Since 2010 Hay Mutual has refunded $1.1 million in premiums to its members. Hay Mutual helped members in Kippen after a hailstorm on April 10, 2011, and took care of its members in the Goderich area after devastating tornado on Aug. 21, 2011.

Need insurance? We’ve got you covered.

Hay Mutual Insurance offers a broad range of innovative insurance products to fit your needs. We design your policy based on your best interests and the insurance you really need. Hay Mutual Insurance agents spend the time to get to know you and suggest coverage best suited to your needs. Almost 150 years of insurance experience in the Zurich area give us a better perspective on how to meet our clients’ needs.

Homeowners’ Package

If you own a home, we can ensure that you and your family will be protected from the devastation caused by fire, water or theft. But it’s not enough to just cover your home. We look at the complete picture to consider valuable collections, public liability and the option to protect a student’s property while he or she is away from home. Contact one of our insurance agents for a free quote or download our Homeowners Package brochure.

Home Systems Protection

Hay Mutual’s Home Systems Protection is an endorsement to your homeowner’s policy to cover repairs or replacement when home systems, equipment, and major appliances break down. Contact a Hay Mutual Insurance agent for a free quote or to learn more about this unique coverage.

Seasonal Residential Package

If you own a cottage, hunting cabin or vacation property of any kind, we can find the right insurance to cover your seasonal needs. Download our brochure to learn more about seasonal residential insurance or contact an insurance agent.

Service Line Coverage

Did you know that underground piping and wiring is not covered by most property policies? And any problem with these underground lines can be extremely costly. That’s why we developed our unique Service Line Coverage. Download our Service Line brochure or contact one of our insurance agents for more information.

Tenants’ Package

You can use our comprehensive tenants’ package to protect your own home and belongings. Plus, if you have a dependent living in a dorm or in a long-term care facility, we can modify your coverage to protect them as well. Contact one of our insurance agents for details on the Tenants’ Package.

Condominium Unit Owner Package

Condo unit owners may need help to bridge the gaps between what the condo insurance covers and what their own policy covers. Our flexible Condominium Unit Owner Package makes a good fit. Contact a Hay Mutual Insurance agent for a free quote.

Automobile Insurance

If you just want the minimum protection required by Ontario law, we offer mandatory insurance coverage at competitive rates. But we can also help you find you the optional coverage you may need to protect your driving record, provide emergency roadside assistance or give you additional coverage if you are in an accident. Learn more about our auto insurance or contact an agent to get a quote.

Farmowners’ Package

Farm insurance is at the core of our business. We’ve been helping Zurich-area farmers manage their risk for almost 150 years. Agri-business requires unique underwriting expertise and unique insurance coverage. Contact one of our experienced agents to get a quote or download Farmowners’ Package brochure for more information.

Commercial Insurance

If you’re a business owner, you have enough to worry about without second-guessing your insurance coverage. Our experienced agents will offer you coverage tailored to your business, coverage that’s designed to protect the physical assets of your business as well as your income. Learn more about commercial insurance by downloading our brochure.

You’re a member and you have privileges

As a policyholder of Hay Mutual Insurance, you are also an owner and a member. Members have the right to speedy claims processing as well as information on our finances and internal policies regarding privacy and accessibility. We’ve created these codes and policies to ensure that every member is treated with fairness and respect. Our approach is not common; it’s common sense.

We created our Code of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities in keeping with our ongoing practices of full disclosure and transparency. If you feel that our representatives are not following them, please let us know.

Disclosure of agent compensation

Hay Mutual Insurance Company distributes insurance products only through exclusive sales agents, who are employees of Hay Mutual, and they are required to place all insurance with Hay Mutual. We compensate agents with commission based on a fixed percentage of the policy premium you pay.

Hay Mutual Insurance Company does not offer any other form of compensation, remuneration, or loans to our exclusive agents.

The Hay Mutual Insurance Company is dedicated to meeting its obligations to its policyholders by employing prudent management of operation costs, investments, and product pricing, with stable, effective underwriting guidelines.

Managing conflicts of interest

The Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR), after public consultations, agreed on three principles as best practices in managing actual or potential conflicts of interest. The principles promote consumer confidence in the insurance industry by outlining best practices for managing business situations when they arise. The principles are:

  1. The client’s interests come first. Distributors must put the interests of policyholders and purchasers ahead of their own.
  2. Make clear any conflicts or potential conflicts of interest. Consumers must receive disclosure of any actual or potential conflict of interest that is associated with a transaction or recommendation.
  3. Ensure products are the right fit. Products recommended must meet the needs of the consumer.

Learn more about the benefits of mutual insurance

Learn more about the mutual insurance industry in Canada through these organizations.

Canadian Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (CAMIC)  
The Canadian Association of Mutual Insurance Companies is a trade association of property and casualty insurance companies formed as mutual insurers.

National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC)
Providing positive contributions to our society through a financially sound, competitive, and ethical insurance industry, NAMIC strengthens and supports its members and the mutual property/casualty insurance industry by its leadership in advocacy, public policy, public affairs, and member services.

Ontario Mutuals
Here’s the difference between Ontario Mutuals and the large multi-national companies. Ontario Mutuals operate on a member-value basis. That means we pour our resources into service and long-term value for the policyholder—not returns for shareholders. As a policyholder, you have voting rights within the company on important decisions that will direct the successful operation of the company.

Your premium payment options

Hay Mutual Insurance members have many options when it comes to paying their premiums.

Cheque or money order

If you are paying by cheque or money order, please make it payable to Hay Mutual Insurance Company and return your payment with the invoice.

Telephone and Internet banking

Add Hay Mutual Insurance as a payee using your insurance policy account number as your policy number.

Visa or MasterCard or Debit

We accept Visa, MasterCard and debit payments at our office. If you choose to provide your credit card information by phone, we will require your three-digit security number.

Pre-authorized monthly payment plan (chequing or credit card)

Monthly plans
For annual premiums greater than $300, you can create a pre-authorized monthly payment plan using your chequing account or a credit card. We require a two months’ premium to set up this plan and a three percent financing fee applies. There are two options for withdrawal dates: the 12th or 26th of each month.

To get started, download and complete our
Authorization for Monthly Pre-Authorized Debits form.

Annual plans
We also offer pre-authorized annual payment plans for chequing accounts and credit cards. Two withdrawal dates are available: the 15th or 30th.

To sign-up for an annual automatic withdrawal plan, please download our Authorization for Annual Pre-Authorized Debits form.

If you have any questions or need help completing the form, please contact your agent or contact us at head office.

Our staff is always close by

At Hay Mutual Insurance, personal service has been our priority since 1875, and no one does it better. Because we’re local and agent-based, we’re in the community we serve all the time.

Our agents

Meet the knowledgeable Hay Mutual Insurance agents. You may recognize them from soccer games or grocery stores near Zurich. That’s because they are locals. They know the area, the people, and they know how to cover the most common risks. Our 93% customer retention rate reflects our agents’ ability to assess each situation individually and accommodate unique requests.

Contact one of them today for more information or a free insurance quote. Evenings and weekends work too.

Blaine Stephenson

Blaine Stephenson

Insurance Agent

Varna, Ontario

About Blaine

ph: 519-233-7155

To contact Blaine, Click Here

Blaine started with Hay Mutual Insurance in 1995. He and his wife, Leisa, have been married for more than 30 years and have three grown children. They live on a small farm near Bayfield. Blaine enjoys reading and traveling.

Blaine serves parts of Bluewater, Huron East, Clinton, Seaforth, and Goderich.

Phil Erb

Phil Erb

Insurance Agent

Zurich, Ontario

About Phil

ph: 519-236-7346

To contact Phil, Click Here

Phil was hired by Hay Mutual Insurance and earned his General Insurance Licence in 1996. He has been blessed with a wonderful wife, Laurie, for more than 30 years. They have two daughters, Stephanie in Miami, and Ashley in Ottawa.

Phil serves the area south and west from Zurich, including lakefront properties to Highway 83. He also serves Dashwood, Shipka, Mt Carmel, Lieury and R.R. #8 Parkhill.

Brian Brooks

Brian Brooks

Insurance Agent

Grand Bend, Ontario

About Brian

ph: 519-238-5588

To contact Brian, Click Here

Brian has been with Hay Mutual Insurance since January 1997. Brian, his wife Sheila and their two sons, Michael and Nicholas reside just outside of Grand Bend.

Brian services the areas of Lambton Shores and North Middlesex.

Colleen Faulds Walden

Colleen Faulds Walden

Insurance Agent

Varna, Ontario

About Colleen

ph: 519-233-3442

To contact Colleen, Click Here

Colleen joined Hay Mutual Insurance as an agent in January 2000. She resides in the Village of Varna with her husband and two daughters.

She provides service for the areas of Bayfield, St Joseph’s, Zurich, west Stanley Township and the northwest part of Hay Township.

Paula Dunn

Paula Dunn

Insurance Agent

Zurich, Ontario

About Paula

ph: 519-236-7872

To contact Paula, Click Here

Paula started working in the insurance industry in 1990. She has worked for Hay Mutual since 2009 and is a Chartered Insurance Professional. Paula, her husband Al, and their family live in St Joseph’s.

Paula’s service territory includes the town of Exeter and rural areas south of Zurich.

Steve Consitt

Steve Consitt

Insurance Agent

Zurich, Ontario

About Steve

ph: 519-236-4111
To contact Steve, Click Here

Steve started with Hay Mutual Insurance in 2009. He brings 25 years of customer service experience. Steve and his wife, Deb, along with their two children reside in Zurich.

Steve’s territory is comprised of areas south of Zurich, including Lucan and Ailsa Craig.

Jeremy Scherle

Jeremy Scherle

Insurance Agent

Clinton, Ontario

About Jeremy

ph: 226-420-2071


To contact Jeremy, Click Here

Jeremy joined Hay Mutual Insurance in 2014. He has been involved in insurance sales for several years. Jeremy lives in Clinton with his wife, Amanda, and their three children.

Jeremy’s territory consists of Ashfield Colborne Wawanosh, Goderich Township and the Town of Goderich.

Ashley Phillips

Ashley Phillips

Insurance Agent

Zurich, Ontario

About Ashley

ph: 519-236-4381
To contact Ashley, Click Here

Ashley joined Hay Mutual Insurance in 2014. She has several years of sales experience. Ashley lives in Zurich with her husband, Steven, and their two children.

Ashley serves the areas of Bluewater, Goderich Township, and Bayfield.

Our Staff

Shawn R Durnin, CIP
To contact Shawn, click here.

Heather Decker, CIP
To contact Heather, click here.

Brad Hunking, CIP
To contact Brad, click here.

Elaine Beauchamp
To contact Elaine, click here.

Jean Guenther
To contact Jean, click here.

Emily Lovie
To contact Emily, click here.

Steve Carnochan, CIP
Claims Adjuster
To contact Steve, click here.

Jenna Johnston
To contact Jenna, click here.

Andrea Schaefer, CPA CA CIP
To contact Andrea click here.

Janene Seller-Wells
To contact Janene click here.

Our Directors

Hay Mutual is known for financial strength. We’re in the top three among Ontario Mutuals (surplus to premium ratio), and we have our Directors to thank for that. Our Board of Directors is forward thinking and always looks at the big picture.

Bill Gibson


Bill joined the Board of Directors in 1999. He operates a cash crop/swine farm in the Clinton area, where he resides with his wife, Marianne, who is a social worker in Goderich. They have two children: their son, Sam, is attending Laurentian University and daughter, Quinn, attends high school in Clinton.

To contact Bill, click here.

Tom Hartman

Vice Chair

Tom joined the Board of Directors in 2000. He and his wife, Jasia, reside with their children and farm on the 150+ year old Hartman homestead south of Zurich.

To contact Tom, click here.

John Coleman


John joined the Board of Directors in 1999. John resides in Kippen with his wife Carol. They have two adult children, Elisha and Brandon. John operates a cash crop farm with his brother and son.

To contact John, click here.

Janet Durand


Janet joined the Board of Directors in 2012. She has been employed in the banking industry for 25 years, retiring in June 2011. Janet and her husband Steve have run a farm business for nearly 40 years. They have four children and eight grandchildren.

To contact Janet, click here.

Jerry Groot


Jerry joined the Board of Directors in 2008. He grew up and currently lives on a farm in the Zurich area with his wife, Julie, and their four children. He has been insured with Hay Mutual Insurance for over 25 years, after a suggestion by his father to "stay local." It has been good advice. Jerry has been employed by the Hensall District Co-operative Inc. for over 25 years in various aspects of the agriculture industry.

To contact Jerry, click here.

John Dowson


John joined the Board of Directors in 2000 but has been a member of Hay Mutual Insurance since 1981. John operates a cash crop farm, along with market hogs on the Babylon Line in Bluewater, with his wife Gayle and children Alysha, Jayme, Krysten and Jason.

To contact John, click here.

Robert Pertschy


Robert originally joined the Board of Directors in 1998 and has been a life-long member of Hay Mutual Insurance. Born and raised in the Crediton area, he presently is mentoring the fourth generation of his family to continue operation of the family farm. Robert served his community as a volunteer firefighter from 1978, and since 2002 is now employed as a Fire Prevention Inspector in a large urban centre.

To contact Robert, click here.

Marlene Munn


Marlene joined the Board of Directors in 2010. She and her husband, Bill, farm just south of Hensall. They have three children and two grandchildren.

To contact Marlene, click here.

John Van Loo


John joined the Board of Directors in 2004. He and his wife, Connie, reside at R.R.#1, Clinton. They have lived on the Forbes family farm for the past 35 years, raising two wonderful children. Christopher and his wife Leanne live in Brucefield with their two children, William and Matthew. Michelle and her husband, Steve, live in Victoria Harbour with their daughter Natalie.

To contact John, click here.

Hay Mutual will look after you and your claim

Please report any claims to your insurance agent as soon as possible. For after-hours claims emergencies, call 1-866-778-3555. After your call, follow our checklists below for property loss or auto loss to ensure the claims process goes as smoothly as possible.

What to do in case of automobile loss

1. Call the police.

2. Don’t discuss who is to blame. Just do your best to note the accident details, such as date, time, location and the name, driver’s license and plate numbers of the drivers.

3. If your vehicle is not driveable, make the necessary arrangements to have it towed to the nearest garage that has a safe compound.

4. Our members may choose the auto repair center to restore or replace their damaged vehicle. Don’t be persuaded to sign work orders for repair shops you are not familiar with. Wait until you have spoken to our adjusters.

5. Contact our office or your agent. Our in-house claims adjuster will be assigned at the earliest opportunity. A prompt and fair loss adjustment is easier when the damages are seen before repairs begin.
6. Collect the following information for the claims adjuster:

  • The name, address, telephone number, insurance company and policy number of all parties involved
  • Name, badge number and police force of investigating officer(s), if the loss was reported to police
  • Address and telephone number of any witnesses
  • Address and telephone number of the location of your vehicle (i.e. if it has been towed)

What to do in case of property loss

If you feel you have a possible loss that is covered by your policy, follow these steps:

  1. Contact our office or your agent. Our in-house claims adjuster will contact you at the earliest opportunity. A prompt and fair loss adjustment is easier when the damages are seen before repairs begin. If the loss is due to theft, vandalism or malicious acts, contact the police first.
  2. Collect this information to provide our claims adjuster:
    • address and telephone number where you can be contacted
    • details of the claim
    • your policy number
  1. In the case of livestock alleged to have been killed by lightning, electricity, drowning or accidental physical entrapment, contact us and notify your veterinarian before moving the carcass. We require a veterinarian certificate stating the cause of death in such cases. If the loss is insured by your policy, Hay Mutual will pay the veterinarian fee.

Consider a career at Hay Mutual

Whether you’re looking for your first job or making a mid-life career change, Hay Mutual Insurance will help you grow. We support education. Through the years, Hay Mutual has encouraged training and provided access to take courses and the ability to get designations. For example, Hay Mutual pays for staff to complete Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) courses.

If you want to work for a good company close to home, contact us for information on current career opportunities.

Contact us at Hay Mutual

We are located at 37868 Zurich-Hensall Rd, Zurich, ON N0M 2T0.

Call our office Monday to Friday, from 8:30 4:30 p.m. to speak to a real person in your community. If you are phoning outside of our normal business hours, please call your agent or complete the contact form. If you need to make a claim, call our 24/7 claims line 1-866-778-3555.

Telephone 1-519-236-4381
Toll-free 1-877-807-3812 (519 area code only)
Fax 1-519-236-7681